Ring Size Chart

How to Measure Your Ring Size

  1. Take a small thread or prepare a slip of paper and wrap it around your finger. Be careful of measuring the right part of your finger.
  2. Mark the size on the thread or paper. The wrap around should be as close to a ring in terms of tightness and angle.
  3. Unwrap the thread or paper and measure the length with a ruler to get the circumference of your ring.
  4. Refer to the "Circumference" column in the ring size chart below and match it to the USA/Canada ring size. 
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elpis garden ring size chart

Visit the ring store by clicking here or from the top menu.

It varies how people like their ring size to be. Some people like it a bit tighter than others while some like it a bit lose. However, it is very important to wear the ring that is comfortable. Tight rings can cause pain, marks and discomfort. Lose rings tend to drop and lose. So you want to wear a ring that fits right.

We hope that you get wonderful thoughts when you wear our rings !!!